Friday, February 19, 2010

Show Your Support For NEDAwareness Week


The official NEDAwareness Week kicks off this Sunday, February 21st and runs through Saturday, February 27th. In a display of solidarity, "The Big Fat Lie" would like to encourage all our members to show your support by wearing the purple ribbon that is the symbol of raising eating disorder awareness throughout this upcoming week. Let's erase the shame by encouraging an open dialogue about this important issue. Remember to get involved by doing
just one thing to raise awareness and to share your experiences with the community if you feel moved to. We can make a big difference if we all do our part.

To all of you who have already stepped forward to help in this effort, "The Big Fat Lie" extends its' deepest gratitude on behalf of all those struggling with eating disorder and to the many that fought the good fight but lost the battle. You will be remembered always...

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  1. Found your blog thru pinterest. Thank you for sharing your story! Your honesty and encouragement is appreciated. Good luck to you!