Thursday, February 18, 2010

"The 36 Hour Miracle"


  1. Thank you Shannon for posting this video link ! Wow..What a great inspiration Matthew is ! Not only does he motivate others with ED, but we can learn how to do better for others and inspire them too!

    In fact, that's a part of what empowered me to post my first blog on "Nutrition and Healthcare" and the obstacles I went through, while going to school in Rohnert Park.
    Please feel free to check out my profile which shows how my favorite categories inspire my daily life and those of my patients.
    Thank you
    Andris :)

  2. Andria, I'm glad you benefited from hearing Matthew's story. It's a powerful one and worth sharing. Every time I listen to this speech, I am moved. I will definitely check out your profile. I see you went to school in Rohnert Park. I did myself for quite a few years. I now live in Sebastopol. Small world! Thank you for your comments and for following the work we are doing here at, "The Big Fat Lie" ~Namaste