Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Web of Life


The natural world is a balance of coexistence. The web of life has many threads; all of them connected. Nature is not based on separation, but connection. This energy of kinship is all around us. All we have to do is open our eyes and we can see the dance of life unfolding before us. It is evident in the relativity of our surroundings. Take something as simple as a bowl of fresh seasonal huckleberries. When you think of where these huckleberries came from, what comes to mind? Is your immediate thought that they came from the grocery store?

If we were to trace the origin of those huckleberries, we would realize that many hands and forces of nature had to come together to make this luscious fruit available to us. Not only did the grower’s hands play a role in bringing those huckleberries to our table, but also the field workers who picked the ripe, ready fruit, the people who cleaned and packaged the huckleberries, the distributors who delivered them to our local grocer, and the produce employee who received the shipment and put those huckleberries out for display. Even in this simple example, you can see the thread of connection, but it’s deeper than that. Let’s trace the line back a bit further.

In order for those huckleberries to even exist, the earth itself needs to be present for its birthing ground. Otherwise, how would the berries grow? To burst with nutrients, the fruit is dependent on earthworms and other micro-organisms; a virtual unseen cosmos; to nourish their life. Huckleberries rely on the sun to supply them with nourishing rays for the process of photosynthesis to take place. This also means that the berries are reliant on the sky. Without the sky, there would be no sun to provide sustenance, or clouds to pour forth quenching rains to feed the thirsty crop.

Let’s get really expansive. The huckleberries depend on the entire universe in order to simply ‘be’. Like everything in existence, including you and me, berries are nothing more than a pattern of energy… atoms… a swirling of positive, negative, and neutral energy that provides the basis for life as we know it. It is this energy that is the common thread in the pattern of life. “It’s all one” is not an abstract sentiment. It is a reality. In a tangible sense, when you dive into a bowl of juicy sweet huckleberries, you have dished yourself up a serving of the universe.

I share this not to numb your mind with rhetoric of physics, but to demonstrate that life is about connection. It is important that we are mindful of this connection because when we view ourselves as separate entities from the rest of existence, we become imbalanced. I think that the imbalance of humanity as a whole is evident. We are out of sync with the natural world. We’ve lost our sense of connection and in turn, have favored a more virtual existence. We’ve sacrificed our reverence for life and in the process we have suffered. Due to the collective reality, all of creation has suffered right alongside us.

I see that a primary focus of healing is going to involve addressing this state of disconnect. I believe that reconnection is a vital ingredient for finding wholeness. Without it, we will never be able to bridge the divide. We need to reconnect with our authentic selves, each other, and the natural world around us. This seems like a lofty pursuit, but it can easily be facilitated by moving into the harmonic flow of nature. This is an element that will be an integral part of the work we will be doing throughout this two year project. The path to healing I have formulated has a seasonal focus. All in existence bows to the wisdom of Mama Nature as she goes through her cycles every fall, winter, spring, and summer. When we align ourselves with this natural flow of life energy we find the path to healing welcomingly unfolding before us. We no longer create barriers for ourselves by fighting the natural current, but find we are supported by taking the path of least resistance. We enter the dance of life with all of nature as our partner on the grand ballroom floor of creation.

Every month here at, “The Big Fat Lie”, a group focus will be presented within the first week. This focus will provide a template for bringing yourself in alignment with the season. There will be suggestions for how you can integrate the harvest of the season into your meals. There will also be advice on how you can exercise in a way that will connect you with the energy prevalent during the current cycle. One of the primary benefits of designing your workouts in this manner is that you will have automatic periodization with your training. This will give you longevity on the path of fitness, preventing burnout, the risk of overtraining, and injury. We are working toward creating a life practice that honors both health and fitness, so this will be crucial.

Additionally, our monthly focus will nourish our spirits and help reconnect us with the natural world. The approach I am presenting is whole-listic. It incorporates nurturing mind, body, spirit, and our connection to the earth. Through this path, we will realize that it is all one and our very beings are woven into the tapestry of life.

I know that many of you are participating because you are ready to move forward on your healing journey. You are ready to reclaim your health and your life. The path I am outlining can certainly lead you to this place of metamorphosis. However, it is my hope that by the end of our two year experience together, you will have taken away something so much richer and deeper. I must say, I look forward to the day when we all share the stories of what this experience has brought into our lives. We are sowing the seeds of transformation in this moment and when it comes time to reap the harvest, our cornucopia will overflow.

I would like to add that I welcome all followers of, “The Big Fat Lie” to participate in our monthly focuses if you are moved to. I’m a firm believer in the spirit of community and I encourage those who choose to get involved on their own terms to feel free to comment and share their experiences with the participants. You are also all cordially invited to take part in the, “Big Fat Lie” live chats which will be hosted seasonally. The schedule for chats will be posting here, so stay tuned.

Welcome to a true in-body experience. The journey begins…

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