Friday, January 8, 2010

"The Big Fat Lie" January 2010 Focus


  • Run out and grab yourself a copy of, "Health at Every Size", By, Linda Bacon, PhD. It will prove well-worth the read and will shed light on important information we have been kept in the dark about for far too long. This is a book you will want to pass on and share with those you love.
  • Begin to explore what it feels like to include more plant foods in the meals you set on the table. Perhaps you can try having a meatless meal one or two days a week. Tune into how your body feels when you bump up the plant foods and rely a little less heavily on animal products. Approach this in a manner that is comfortable for you.
  • Take some time to think about the physical activities you enjoy. What sounds like fun? What activities have you always wanted to try? Make a list of the options you come up with during this time of reflection. See if you can pick a few activities from your list this month and give it a whirl. Keep what you love and toss out the rest. Discover what kind of movement gives you joy. Inject your fitness with some fun.
  • Once a week this month give yourself the chance to discover the many ways that the practice of meditation can enhance your life, inner sense of peace and personal well-being.
Feel Your Connection to Nature:
  • Your mission this month is to head outdoors and claim your own personal sacred space in nature. Find your spot. This could be amongst the grounding solitude of a redwood forest, nestled in the coziness of your own private corner of an apple orchard, sitting atop a mountain that spills the landscape out before you like an endless sea of possibility, or even resting on a bench at your favorite park. Take the time to step outside, explore the natural world and the spaces it offers for calming, centering, reflection and renewal. Choose a place that makes you feel at peace. Be sure to visit this sacred spot often to commune with nature and listen to the murmurings of your soul.

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