Thursday, March 4, 2010

"The Big Fat Lie" March 2010 Focus


  • Learn about composting. See if this is something you can integrate into your life. Do some online research or check out a book at your local library and read up on the topic. This is a wonderful way to recycle what would normally get tossed in the trash and put it to good use.
  • Make an effort to buy organic when selecting produce that ranks on the top 12 list of the worst pesticide offenders. Reduce your exposure to potentially toxic chemicals.
  • Blow out the cobwebs from winter by taking your exercise outdoors. Take full advantage of the warming spring weather to breathe some fresh air into your fitness.
  • Make a soundtrack for your healing path. Put together a CD that will inspire you on your journey toward wholeness. Select songs that give you a sense of hope and that you find personally meaningful. Listen to your soundtrack often to infuse positive energy into your experience.
  • Invite breath into your emotional space to break free bound feelings so they can be expressed and released.
Feel Your Connection to Nature:
  • Get your green thumb on by planting a vegetable or herb garden. Whether you have lofty visions of raised beds or are taking your first stab at gardening by growing a few humble herbs on your windowsill, be part of the natural cycle that brings food from field to table.


  1. What a great agenda! Count me in--I aspire to live this way! Plus, I totally support the HAES philosophy, and organizations and blogs that support it.

    Bill Fabrey
    Woodstock, NY
    member, Association for Size Diversity and Health

  2. How wonderful Bill! Thank you for your comment and for taking the time to visit our site. I look forward to checking out your link. I hope you would be open to me posting a link to your site after I have a chance to check it out. I always like to promote those who are spreading this kind of awareness in the world. Thanks again!