Saturday, August 1, 2009

"The Big Fat Lie" Intuitive Eating Project Focus for August 2009

This month kicks off our intuitive eating project and we are going to begin with our foundation. It is important to start any building work on a strong foundation and that is what we will be establishing with our August 2009 focus.

A first step in creating our foundation is to acknowledge where we are currently. It is vital to have an honest assessment of our current state of health. When I refer to health, I am not only addressing physical health, but the health of your being and life as a whole.

“The Big Fat Lie” participants are required to gather some verifiable starting stats for the purpose of our project. It is preferable for participants to gather this information through a doctor’s visit. Some stats can come from other sources. What we are looking for is a clear picture of where our physical health is at currently. The stats that need to be gathered include, weight, body measurements, body fat percentage, starting photo, blood pressure, and a cholesterol panel. I will not request this information again until the completion of our project on August 1, 2011. A doctor’s visit is the most efficient way to meet most of these stat requirements. However, it is acceptable to have blood pressure and cholesterol panels performed at a drug store that offers these testing services. If this is the route you choose to go, please ask for a copy for your records. Black out all personally sensitive information, print a photocopy for me, and mail to my address with the other materials required. I will need to retain copies of all stats. This will be pertinent for the legitimacy of our intuitive eating project. Again, if you are obtaining copies from your doctor, please black out your personally sensitive information and create a photocopy to return to me. Weight, measurements, and body fat percentage can all be obtained at your local gym. A personal trainer can help you in this regard. In some instances, a personal trainer may even be able to take your blood pressure for you. This is acceptable. Please have the trainer log all your results and sign off on the paper. Again, retain a copy for my records. I am completely open to you taking your own measurements and of course, it is fine to have a friend or family member take your photo.

For your photo, you do not have to wear anything revealing. Ideally, workout clothing that is form fitting will serve our purposes. As with all other stats, please send me a copy of the photo. I want to encourage participants to also post their starting photo along with their stats to, “The Big Fat Lie” site. There are many, “Through Thick and Thin” members that will be following us as we go through this process. It can be helpful for them to see our true starting points. I also want to mention that it is an important step in owning your current body and state of health. I personally, will be posting my photo and stats on the site, so you will have company. For those who feel too uncomfortable to post their photo to the site, please make sure to post starting stats once they have been obtained sans photo.

Once you have gathered together copies of all your required stats, please mail them out to me no later than September 25, 2009. I am allotting extra time to compile these stats so individuals have an opportunity to schedule all necessary appointments. However, I need to have your signed copy of the legal waiver and release form mailed no later than August 14, 2009. If I do not have a copy of the legal waiver and release form in my hands by August 21, 2009 I will consider it your forfeiture from involvement in this project and will have no other option but to cease your participation. I wish we could skip all the legalities and formalities, but unfortunately, it is required for the ultimate protection of all participating in this work.

The other thing we need to focus on this month is drawing up our intention statement. This will be posted by each member of the project to, “The Big Fat Lie” site no later than, August 31, 2009. Take some time with this one. Arrange an opportunity for reflection. Think of where you are currently and where you would like to head in your life. Why is your involvement in this project important to you? What are you hoping it will bring into your life? How do you envision yourself and the quality of your life at the end of this two year experience? What is going to keep you motivated to stick with the intuitive eating path when you face bumps in the road? How do you plan to create a supportive atmosphere as you go through this process? Speak from a soul level. I want you to think of connecting with the true energy of what motivates you to make this two year commitment.

When you have a clear intention formulated, write it out. Post your intention statement to, “The Big Fat Lie” site. It can also be helpful to make a copy that you can post in a visible place and read often to remind you why this healing journey is important to you. This can provide a potent source of motivation and inspiration when you encounter learning experiences, which are inevitable on any healing path.

This is our month to create that foundation that we will launch a future of living our full potential from. It is our time to look at ourselves honestly, see where we are stuck, and set our intention for where we are looking to go in this healing journey. For those who may need a refresher, it can be helpful to review the principles of intuitive eating. Since intuitive eating is part of our healing foundation, it meshes well with this month’s focus to get reacquainted with the fundamentals. Next month we will dive in a little deeper and begin the process of implementing some gentle changes. I welcome you to, “The Big Fat Lie” intuitive eating project and thank you for your involvement. I look forward to sharing this experience with each and every one of you.

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